This week we are deconstructing the myth that becoming parents is an easy decision.  We are revisiting our conversation from last week with Liza Tremblay. If you missed it, go back and download episode 9.  As a refresher, Liza is a mom of two, a restaurateur and food entrepreneur.  While building their businesses, they struggled with infertility, but since have built a family and business life unique to them.

Liz and Kate discuss:

  • How to keep ALL the calendars straight.
  • Importance of going out with your partner & friends, even as an introvert.
  • Breaking the routine can work for both you (and your kids!).
  • How to support friends & family who are battling with infertility.
  • Pregnancy is such an internal struggle.
  • We ARE in the right place at the right time (at least, how we are TRYING to be present in the moment).
  • Age appropriate chores and how everyone *can* contribute to the household. – How to support friends and family

Huffington Post – What not to say to someone trying to conceive.


New York Times: Age Appropriate Chores


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“We have a standing Friday night date night, sometimes we just go in the backyard.” – Liz Sanicola

“You trap yourself into what you perceive as the easiest route to success.” – Liz Sanicola

“Sometimes you can’t always “fix” things, you just need to listen.” – Kate Turza

“We have an intrinsic desire to relate to one another, but why are we comparing?” – Liz Sanicola

“When you are IN the moment, that’s where the magic happens.” – Liz Sanicola

“When my brain isn’t actively engaged, I always start thinking about what needs to happen next.” – Kate Turza


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