Kate & Liz talk about heading back to school after summer.  We discuss the change back into full time school routine and how we are gearing OURSELVES up for it.  

Listen as we share how we’ve managed heading back to school in the past, and what we are doing to prepare.  

  • Keep it simple, don’t add things to your routine other than school starting.
  • Schedule it (even if it’s only in your mind!).
  • The great homework debacle – to do it right after school or after some playtime?
  • Routines: do they help?
  • Giving space for tired children at the end of each day for a couple weeks.
  • Getting the kids involved in the the chores.


Links mentioned in the episode:

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Battling Summertime Boredom – Episode 13

Carrie Sharpe and motivating her children to help with chores – Episode 07


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