This week we are talking with Enid Viana, an ex Wall Streeter who left the demanding world of finance to build her family. Listen as she shares her tumultuous journey through motherhood and how she finally gained the control over her life that she so craved.  

Listen as Enid shares how she:

  • Relies on help to with her daily mothering tasks.
  • Explaining and guiding her young children through divorce.
  • Suffers from anxiety, how she copes, and how she’s modeling for her children.
  • Incorporates working into her day while maintaining her “mom” hours.
  • Manages differences in parenting in her divorce.
  • Navigated an unexpected pregnancy while her marriage was on the rocks.
  • There are perks to being single again.
  • Her children are challenging her to be the best she should be.
  • Leans on her parents and nurtures her children’s relationship with their grandparents.


“You want your children to see your vulnerabilities.” – Enid Viana

“There’s a lot that goes into the day.  It’s like a tightrope walk.” – Enid Viana

“Kids can sense, the entire vibe has changed….Happy parents, happy children.” – Enid Viana

“As mothers we lose ourselves…you give up so much to have children.  We want it all. It’s so hard.” – Enid Viana


Real Plans

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