This week we are deconstructing our episode with Amanda Fairbanks from last week. Amanda was incredibly honest about her mothering journey and her need for space and the unexpected places she found joy. If you haven’t listened, go back and download Episode 39. Join us this week as we revisit our highs and lows and delve into the conflicting emotions of motherhood.


Listen as Liz & Kate discuss:

  • The joy of having your partner be the one who deals with the night time wake ups.
  • Wrangling the after school/after work/dinner making/homework doing chaos.
  • Benefits of limiting screen time for parents.
  • How draining parenting can be.
  • The two extremes of motherhood and where we fit in.
  • Being in touch with ourselves and being unapologetic about what we need.
  • There’s never a right time or enough preparation for having a baby.
  • The importance of modeling behavior for our children.


Links from Episode:

Episode 39: Amanda Fairbanks, Finding Space for Herself as a Mother

Reality Tykes, Kate’s Facebook Group

The Sporkful: In Defense of Picky Eaters



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