This week on the Mom Deconstructed podcast, we are deconstructing our episode from last week with Cathryn Monroe. If you haven’t listened, go back and download Episode 59 to hear about self reflection, her inner journey to becoming a more confident mom and tips from her book, Spilt Milk Yoga. Today, we’re sharing our highs and lows, being consistent-ish, letting go of the past and our own self-reflections on motherhood.

Listen as Liz & Kate share: 

  • Low: Bribery at its best.
  • Low: Summer camp drop off fail.
  • Transitions are hard and holding space for the anxiety surrounding them.
  • Moving past our faults as mothers.
  • Embracing the summer slowness (& harnessing it for the whole year).
  • Value of being consistent & of letting go.
  • Teaching our children to convince us to change our routine.
  • Learning from our mistakes.
  • Hindsight is 20/20, coming to terms with decisions we’ve made. 
  • Keeping things big picture, don’t dwell on the details.


Spilt Milk Yoga: A Guided Self-Inquiry To Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, And Purpose Through Motherhood (Cathryn’s Book)

Episode 11: Mom of 3, Finding Simplicity & Connection in our Modern World with Liz Sanicola 


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