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Our abiding hope is to change the conversation around motherhood and parenting. Let’s ditch the platitudes and hesitance to step forward. Let’s face it, we see the world through the lens of our own experiences. The only way to grow as people is to dig down and get vulnerable so that our stories resonate with the people who need to hear them. Better yet, let’s hope that someone with a different perspective and background will want to share THEIR unique story. Differences are what makes us interesting. Let’s stop allowing them to divide us.

Whether you’re a mom by nature or circumstance, you’re doing one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Yet, our culture has taught us to drag each other down rather than offer our support in the purest of ways, as the simple good intention it should always be.

Our goal is to break down the walls that have formed between moms, families, and communities to begin to heal the rift that’s caused so many moms to feel alone and isolated in this great big, scary world of ours. This journey of motherhood is uncertain enough.

To do this, we believe honest and open conversations are the place to start. Let’s show the world (of podcast listeners and beyond!) that we’re not afraid to be brave, vulnerable and open in the face of all the negativity we so often see. Let’s get beyond the superficial and delve into the hopes and dreams that inspired us, the struggles and failures that tested us, and the uphill climbs that formed the people we are today. We hope that spreading this message will create a community of like-minded women (men, families, all are welcome) that will lift each other up and continue this message of hope and abiding love for years to come.

Below, we’ve included a video in order to introduce ourselves and our mission. We’d love to begin this journey by reaching out with a bit more than just words on a page.




Kate Turza

Kate Turza

Postpartum Doula

I’m Kate…a postpartum doula with a big heart and desire to see every mom succeed in those early days of motherhood. No one should have to go through this tumultuous, life altering time without support and guidance.

Elizabeth Sanicola

Elizabeth Sanicola

Writer, Thinker, Learner

I’m Liz…a wife, a mom to three kids, a dog, a cat, and a clutch of hens. I write about our family’s journey to learn about homesteading, holistic family health, and finding simplicity in chaos of modern life.