This week on the Mom Deconstructed Podcast we are talking with Sarah Argenal.  

Sarah Argenal is the Founder of the Working Parent Resource and Host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast. She facilitates candid conversations, offers reliable resources and provides practical training to help professional moms and dads integrate all aspects of their lives without sacrificing one area over another.  Sarah has her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development and is a Certified Professional Coach with nearly 20 years of experience in counseling, coaching, college-level instruction, course development, and project management. You can find out more about Sarah and everything she offers at, where you can find Sarah’s free online training for professional moms and dads to help them address the real reasons why they don’t have enough time and suffer in survival mode.  “”What’s Behind Your Burnout: The 3 Biggest Burnout Triggers and How to Overcome Them”.

Sarah shares her decision to leave her fast-paced career in litigation once she had a family and how she managed to find her sense of balance.  

**Clarification & Updates: Sarah worked as a Litigation Support Analyst (not as a lawyer), we misspoke in the episode! As a recent update, she still continues to work in this field from home after the birth of her second child.**

Listen as Sarah shares how:

  • She made the decision to leave her career in litigation to be a work at home mom.
  • She balances working and being a mom.
  • She felt she “wasn’t good at being a mom.”
  • The parenting “experts” don’t know your family situation.
  • There is no “right” way to parent.
  • She manages unpredictability of children with her Type A personality
  • To maintain yourself after you have a baby.
  • To keep top of mind what you priorities are RIGHT NOW.
  • She institutes boundaries to preserve herself.


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“I felt wasn’t very good at being a mom” – Sarah Argenal

“You need to learn to recalibrate moment to moment.” – Sarah Argenal

“You hear “you can’t have it all”, I didn’t like that.” – Sarah Argenal

“It’s not that I don’t have time, it’s that I don’t want to do it.” – Sarah Argenal

“I’ve got all these things I have to fit into my life, I need to choose what’s important RIGHT NOW.” – Sarah Argenal