Sasha Gray of Scattered Sasha is a writer of words, spewer of sarcasm, and a margarita loving, sassy Southern belle raising her 11 year old granddaughter. Sasha believes life is tough for a lot of us, and we’re all just doing the best we can. But she also believes that kindness, laughing, and doing a little dance every now and then is sometimes the answer to everyday life. Sometimes we just need a margarita and some glitter to give us that extra push.

Sasha brings her unique brand of motivational humor to her Facebook home – Scattered Sasha – where her daily lives and weekly show make us laugh, and remind us that we are perfectly imperfect and that’s just fine.

Sasha’s mottos are: Make a difference. Build people up. Create Laughter. Spread a little love…..

And with a journey fraught with caffeine and chaos, and slapped together by pixie dust and tequila, Sasha knows a thing or two about differences, building people up, creating laughter and spreading a little love.

Listen as Sasha shares how:

  • She uses her wisdom as an “older” mom to make more intentional choices.
  • She deals with second guessing her decisions and regret.
  • Her granddaughter became her daughter.
  • Social Media has changed her mothering journey.
  • Her life experience (age?) allows her to set better boundaries and priorities.
  • To deal with self-criticism (Take that picture!)
  • Laughter has helped her cope.
  • To raise a child in an atypical family.
  • She chooses happiness.



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“My journey is fraught with caffeine and chaos, slapped together by pixie dust and tequila” – Sasha Gray

“I have no regrets, just fabulous experiences” – Sasha Gray

“If it causes drama or trauma, just say no” – Sasha Gray

“You have 1000 little boxes in your soul that are filled with all the good things people tell you.  If you let 1 box fill with ugly, then it festers and grows, then there is no room for the good boxes of kindness and joy.” – Sasha Gray

“Fill your head and soul with positive” – Sasha Gray

“Can’t change how people act, but how we react” – Sasha Gray

“What is in my realm of possibility?” – Sasha Gray

“PMOS Training: How to make your child a Productive Member Of Society” – Sasha Gray



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