This week we are deconstructing our conversation from last week with Sasha Gray.  Here’s that episode. Sasha is an older and wiser version of her first time mothering self, as she’s mothering the second time around.

Liz and Kate discuss:

  • the ups and downs of the myth that “Practice makes perfect”
  • How not to view your shortcomings as “failures.”
  • Having to remind ourselves we are enough.
  • What’s best for everyone is relative.
  • How to create productive members of society (PMOS).
  • Life experiences and how they shape us.
  • When we ACTUALLY have time to stop, think, and analyze.


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“It wasn’t a failure, it was what I had to do for survival.” – Kate Turza

“You have to treat yourself as you would treat your friends.” – Liz Sanicola

“PMOS Training: Become a Productive Member of Society.” – Sasha Gray

“It won’t look pretty, but it will get done.” – Liz Sanicola

“Life is full of stumbling blocks, you need to focus on things that matter.” – Liz Sanicola

“In 20 minutes I can go from loving it to a raging maniac.” – Liz Sanicola


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