Liza Tremblay is the mother of Leo and Rosie and the owner of Bay Burger restaurant and Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream, based in Sag Harbor, New York.  Her and her husband, Joe, have owned and operated Bayburger and Joe and Liza’s Ice Cream for the last 11 years.  When Liza isn’t working full-time or mothering her two children, you can find her going out to her weekly date with her husband or out to dinner with her friends.  

Listen as Liza shares how:

  • Even though she’s been a mom for seven years she’s still in the thick of it.
  • She manages being a full-time business owner AND a mom.
  • Important scheduling weekly date nights and girls nights are.
  • She navigated a three year journey to get pregnant the first time, and two year journey the second.
  • How she got off and took a breath from the infertility train.
  • Her advice for moms who are trying to get pregnant.
  • Her family rose to the occasion after her recent surgery.


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“I never feel like I’m in the right place at the right time.” – Liza Tremblay

“Maybe you’re a little sleepy and hungover the next day, but it’s worth it.” – Liza Tremblay

“Drink a Redbull, put some mascara on and let’s do this.” – Liza Tremblay

“Like lightning in a bottle, they don’t know what’s going to work.” – Liza Tremblay

“Once you’re on the infertility train no one asks if you want to stop or talk about it.” – Liza Tremblay

“I knew I wanted to be a mom and I knew we were going to figure it out.” – Liza Tremblay

“Life with mommy out of commission managed to continue.” – Liza Tremblay



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