Liz Sanicola of Mom in the Works and the Mom Deconstructed Podcast is a wife, mom to three (plus 8 chickens, a dog, and a cat), writer, tech junkie, homesteader, budding permaculturist (is that a thing?!) and craver of simplicity. She and her husband are often asked how they “do it all”, but the reality is… they DON’T! She’s doing her best to keep life simple amidst the chaos of modern life. In the age of technology and the never ending list of “all the things”, it seems that people have never been so far apart. Her goal is to help bring some clarity and sanity to our lives and help relate the lessons we have learned so that others might find their own path to a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Listen as Liz shares how she:

  • Separates what she needs to do vs. what she wants to do.
  • Struggles how to be “all the things.”
  • Always feels like there is a stone somewhere unturned.
  • Writing down daily and long term goals has helped her.
  • Her and her husband’s relationship is different than the norm.
  • Keeps the health and wellness of her family a priority.
  • Strives to keep her life simple.



“My whole life I had an abundance of patience, where did it go when I became a mom?” – Liz Sanicola

“Women’s personal expectations are to be a domestic goddess.” – Liz Sanicola

“I always feel like there is a stone unturned somewhere.” – Liz Sanicola

“What’s the point if we are just driving ourselves crazy all the time?” – Liz Sanicola

“It’s so insane to me that people will say anything on Facebook, but will NOT say anything to me at school pick up.” – Liz Sanicola



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