Kate Turza is a mom of 3 beautiful, loud (in all ways), and loving children, wife of one supportive husband, animal mama to two cats and one giant dog. She lives on the East End of Long Island near her families.  She works part-time as an office manager and side-hustle as a postpartum doula and podcast co-host.  In her”free” time, you can usually find her outside on a bike ride or jog with at least one of her kiddos.

Listen as Kate shares how she:

  • Is seeing the “light” in her parenting journey.
  • Struggles with meeting the needs of “all the things”
  • Is constantly battling with mom guilt
  • Hopes sharing stories on this podcast will help moms realize they aren’t alone
  • Compares herself to other moms, despite knowing she shouldn’t.
  • Lowered her expectations for her sanity.



“Taking care of yourself doesn’t just happen, it’s a work in progress.” – Kate Turza

“What is up with mom guilt?” – Kate Turza

“My initial thought is usually ‘I’m failing’.” – Kate Turza

“I felt really alone for a long time.” – Kate Turza

“I wish parents were more up front about feeling out of control.” – Kate Turza

“You want to know the truth, I run them ragged.” – Kate Turza



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Kate Turza, Postpartum Doula

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