Kate & Liz talk mom friends this week.  How do you find them? How do you make them? Do you even need them? This episode we share our vulnerabilities (and awkward pick up lines reserved for the playground) and insecurities when it comes to making the quintessential “mom friend.”


Listen as we share what has worked for us in connecting with other moms.  

  • Mom friends are ACTUALLY important.
  • Put yourself out there, we are ALL in the same situation navigating this.
  • If you’re friends on social media – reach out IRL!
  • Go outside your comfort zone and attend a class, lecture, or event to be around other moms with children your age.
  • Make a list of topics (other than kids!) you are interested in to open up conversations at the latest class birthday party.
  • Make time for nurturing your friendships with other moms.  


Links mentioned in the episode:

Matrescence:  New York Times: Alexandra Sacks

Liza Tremblay: Put your Mascara on and drink a Redbull – Episode 09



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