Episode 22: Valerie Friedlander

This week we are chatting with Valerie Friedlander of Unlimited Mom.  Valerie is a mom of two young boys, and certified life coach specializing in helping entrepreneurial Moms break though their self-defeating patterns and take confident action towards their goals.

Listen as Valerie shares how:

  • She differentiates phases vs. being “stuck”
  • Labeling things as “bad” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Arguments are important.
  • Where she finds community as both an entrepreneur and mom.
  • Motherhood impacted her relationship with her husband.
  • Intimacy was drastically affected when she became a mom and steps she’s taking to restoring it.
  • She chooses how to show up for herself, kids, and relationship.


“Sometimes we focus too much on the end point.  When I’m focused on too many end points, I’m not present anymore.”  – Valerie Friedlander

“I thought I put my life together so I would be happy, and I’m wasn’t happy.” – Valerie Friedlander

“We didn’t know how to navigate parent life AND marriage life.” – Valerie Friedlander

“There are two things you aren’t trained in in life, how to be a parent and how to be in a relationship” – Valerie Friedlander

“Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a day that you were in survival mode.” – Valerie Friedlander

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