This week we are sharing Shelley Suh of Loyal Hana’s story. Shelley Suh founded Loyal Hana, a maternity & nursing wear clothing line, after having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. More than just a collection of maternity and nursing garments, Loyal Hana is a reliable friend during a crucial time when the pressure is on to provide it all, a helping hand when circumstances make it difficult to be discreet, a universal “thank you” and a way for new moms to feel confident and beautiful every day.  Shelley strives to preserve her priorities to stay present and mindful while raising two children in the Hamptons.

Listen as Shelley shares how she:

  • Stays present while she juggles her kids and her business.
  • Reminds herself to have gratitude for now.
  • Is raising her children while caretaking her parents.
  • Lost control over both her physical & mental self during her postpartum periods.
  • Used creativity to regain her sense of self in a period where she felt lost.
  • Struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her son.
  • Can step away from her kids, which makes her a better mom.
  • Declares what she wants in her life.


“You want to fill their lives with beautiful content, rather than beautiful things.” – Shelley Suh

“When I get upset, I ask myself, what was that really about?” – Shelley Suh

“When I first had my daughter, it was the first time I felt out of control. It was really challenging for me.” – Shelley Suh

“If you try to control something you can’t control, it just gets worse.  I learned from that I really had to surrender.” – Shelley Suh

“My mantra is: don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.” – Shelley Suh

“If you feel alien to who you are after you have a child, there’s nothing wrong with you….it will move through you and you will be able to get back to who you are.” – Shelley Suh

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