This week we chat with Arianna Taboada, a maternal health expert, about her motherhood journey.  Listen as she shares her expertise in the field, how she manages to get it all done (hint…outsourcing), and how she is the full time working parent in her relationship.  Arianna Taboada is a Maternal Health expert who helps entrepreneurs design a maternity leave plan that fit their business model and personal needs. She has worked for health systems, research institutions and in private practice on a range of women’s health issues since 2002. Arianna earned her Masters of Social Work and Masters of Science in Maternal-Child Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Listen as Arianna shares how she:

  • Was the primary breadwinner the first year of postpartum, a change in the original “plan”.
  • And her family unexpectedly moved countries during the first year of being a mom.
  • Adapted her self-care routine to what fits in her life now.
  • Stopped reading all the books during her pregnancy, and just trusted what she already knew.
  • Teaches to look to evidence AND reaching out to your community to make milestone parenting decisions.
  • Is challenged by the “mental load”/“invisible load” mothers carry.
  • Guides entrepreneurial women through their maternity leave.
  • Created her Postpartum Eco-Map to prepare for your postpartum period
  • Appreciates the time her husband has been able to be the primary, stay at home parent.


“I tend to lean toward not reading or searching for information.  First, I assess what I already know and my gut feeling.” – Arianna Taboada

“If you make a decision on how to handle something and that doesn’t work out, it’s not a permanent decision.  You can make another decision. Very few choices are finite.” – Arianna Taboada

“You are really vulnerable in this time when there is no economic safety net, a business safety net, and you are dealing with all the physiological, emotional, and physical changes that all mothers are going through.” – Arianna Taboada

“To be honest, this has been the most challenging part of our marriage.  He [my husband] was home, I was working a lot, we moved countries, and we were in our first year of parenthood.” – Arianna Taboada

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Study by The Sage Group: 57% of startups are women looking for better work life balance.

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