This week we are talking with Amanda Rowe.  Amanda Rowe is a freelance writer, an academic administrator, an amateur chef, a travel enthusiast, a blogger, and a book hoarder. Her first children’s book If There Never Was a You was recently released. Listen this week as Amanda shares her journey through divorce, co-parenting,and parenting a child with Crohn’s Disease.

Listen as Amanda shares:

  • Her transition from stay at home mom to full time working mom after her divorce.
  • Co-parenting with her ex-husband, putting the children first.
  • Where she drew her strength during her divorce.
  • The value of reframing negative situations into positive ones.
  • Divorce as an opportunity to start over.
  • How her faith helps her stay positive.
  • She put her dreams on hold for many years while raising her children.
  • Advocating for her daughter to get the care she needed.
  • Crohn’s disease and how it has affected her daughter and their family.
  • How she manages her daughter’s diet to help manage her symptoms.



“As mothers we are very hard on ourselves.  We hold ourselves to these impossible standards that we would never hold anyone else to.” – Amanda Rowe

 “When you have a great group of women around you…what they have in common is that whatever life throws at them, they just keep going, keep trying.” – Amanda Rowe

“Life doesn’t have to look like I imagined it to be great.” – Amanda Rowe

 “Just because your dream hasn’t come true yet, doesn’t mean it never will.  Just because you’ve put things on hold to raise your children doesn’t mean you aren’t doing anything important.  What you’re doing is incredibly important” – Amanda Rowe


Amanda’s Book: If There Never Was A You

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Amanda’s Book: If There Never Was a You

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