This week we are talking with Dayna Kurtz. Dayna is a psychotherapist in private practice and serves as Director of the Anna Keefe Women’s Center in Manhattan.   She earned her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and completed postgraduate studies in psychodynamic psychotherapy at The Training Institute for Mental Health. With a particular interest in the intersection between emotional and physical health, she also hold a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with an additional certification in training pre and postnatal clients. She is the author of Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom and The Total Body Cure for Women and is a contributor to The Doctor’s Book of Natural Remedies. Listen to Dayna as she shares the importance of mothercare, approaching differences in “mommy wars” with curiosity rather than judgement, and learning to check in with our internal voices as a mom.  

Listen as Dayna shares:

  • There’s plenty of opportunities to try things again as a mom.
  • Moving into motherhood wasn’t as smooth as she expected.
  • The need for honest, candid stories of motherhood.
  • The need for us to ditch the mom judgement.
  • What mothercare is and is an essential piece missing from our society.
  • Self care is a part of mothercare.
  • The need to ditch the martyr mom mentality.
  • Couples need to check in and support on each other’s self care.
  • Learning to keep in touch with your own internal voice as a mom.


“There’s something of a fallacy in our culture that because mothering and becoming a mother is in some ways a very natural process, we’ve been doing it since the  dawn of time, that should not be confused as easy, or seemless, or graceful. Often it is not any of those things.” – Dayna Kurtz

“Mothercare is the right of a woman to have all the resources she needs to mother effectively.”  – Dayna Kurtz

“We are up against the friction of  living in a time where the lack of support is so apparent and so devastating.” – Dayna Kurtz

“We need to do some reframing in how we conceptualize the idea of self care and mothercare.  Self care and mothercare need to be an integral part of child care …it’s as important as taking care of your child, they are not different.  It’s part of being a good mother to your child.” – Dayna Kurtz  


Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom by Dayna Kurtz (Book)


Dayna’s Website

Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom by Dayna Kurtz (Book)

The Total Body Cure for Women by Dayna Kurtz (Book)

The Doctor’s Book of Natural Remedies (Book)

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