This week, we’re hearing from Katie Rössler, Amanda Rowe, Valerie Friedlander, Jen Dary, Stacey Porter and Heather Vickery as they answer the question: What limiting beliefs or thoughts do I need to release in order to become comfortable asking for help?

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“In order to be comfortable for asking for help, I need to let go of the idea that asking for help is a weakness and that I should be able to do everything, all the time by myself.” – Amanda Rowe

“Asking for help doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong, it means that you want to grow, that you want support.” – Valerie Friedlander

“We have somehow gotten to the point that asking for help is a weakness.  I actually think it’s a superpower, I think the most brave, bold, amazing people that I have ever encountered are the kinds of people that can ask for help.” – Jen Dary

“Remember what a gift it is to be asked to support somebody else, so when you ask for support you are giving someone a sense of worthiness, love and community.” – Heather Vickery



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Katie Rössler

Amanda Rowe

Valerie Friedlander

Jen Dary

Stacey Porter

Heather Vickery



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