This week we are talking with Lara Schulte of the podcast, Generation.Mom. Lara is a Native San Diegan, living in one of San Diego’s surf town suburbs where she raises her two young sons Sawyer & Sutton, with her college sweetheart, Taylor. She is a busy stay at home, work from home mom with an entrepreneur’s mindset. For over a decade Lara consulted with C-level executives and business owners to bring their business objectives and sales goals to fruition. Although highly regarded as a top performing sales executive herself, Lara couldn’t ignore the feeling that she was meant for something more rewarding and personal. Accordingly, Lara sought certification, as a life and business coach in 2015 and then in 2018 founded Generation.Mom with her business partner and friend Jenn. Generation.Mom started because Lara & Jenn felt that motherhood today looks and feels vastly different from previous generations. More opportunities exist for moms to navigate a path that is right for them, as opposed to what’s the norm. Lara wishes to help more mothers find their path. Tune in as Lara discusses her stories of miscarriage, the emotions of miscarriage, and her hope in sharing her story. 

Listen as Lara shares: 

  • Struggling with the balance of mom life and work life.
  • How miscarriage has impacted her life.
  • The uncertainty of the first trimester.
  • How this impacted her husband.
  • Her feelings of anger after miscarriage.
  • Finding out she was pregnant for the fourth time.
  • The need for connection.
  • Benefits of publicly sharing about her miscarriage.



“When you’re in the first trimester, everything is very gray.  There is no black and white. You don’t really know what the outcomes are going to be.” – Lara Schulte


“I felt this numb, like an out of body experience.” – Lara Schulte


I was so angry because I had to go through this emotional rollercoaster.  I had to accept a pregnancy that I wasn’t prepared for, then I accepted & was getting excited about it, to lose it again.” – Lara Schulte


“The only thing that makes you not feel isolated in motherhood is connection.” – Lara Schulte 



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Generation.Mom (Podcast & Community)

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