I’m Kate.  I have a lot of “titles” that make up my identity – I’m a mom of 3 beautifully rambunctious and energetic children; wife to one amazingly supportive husband; certified postpartum doula; office manager for a local small business; board member of a local community-based non-profit; avid bookworm; 5 am jogger; bedtime lover; podcast junkie; coffee drinking, Colorado obsessed (but I live in New York) chick.  As with most moms, my identity has dramatically shifted since becoming a mom seven years ago.  It took me some time to be open to the idea that who I was before having children isn’t who I am anymore, and once I became open to this idea, I became one WITH the idea.  I embrace my new post-mama self.  

I love the fullness of my life.  Are there times I wish it were a bit slower? Definitely.  Are there times I ask my kids to just “sit down” so I can think? TOTALLY.  But, I’m not quite sure I would change a thing.  Okay…..maybe I would create an automatic dog poop scooper so I wasn’t chief pooper scooper, too.  Oh, or maybe I would have an automatic laundry folder (and put away-er)….so, I would change a few things.  But, the big things I wouldn’t change.

During my pregnancy and early months as a mom, I thought it would be easy.  I thought that making decisions about parenting and child-rearing would be obvious and that I wouldn’t ever second guess them.  Once I realized I was completely off base, I didn’t know where to turn to get the information I needed to make informed decisions.  On top of that, it seemed like every other mom I knew had it all figured out.  I was floundering; lacking resources and self-confidence in my mothering.  It took lots of time to find where to turn, who to lean on for advice and support, being okay with thinking outside “the box”, and acceptance that NO ONE has it figured out (even if their Instagram feed is gorgeous).

When Liz first started kicking the podcasting idea around, I’m pretty sure I immediately said: “Let’s do it!”.  That’s classic me, jumping head first into every decision I make.  It’s something that I have always done, quick to make a decision (I’m a firm believer in gut reactions) and then die-hard about sticking to it (even if it’s not the most logical decision).

So, with a little convincing (I promise, I didn’t have to twist her arm too hard), here I am creating a podcast and community with my not-so “jump head first” cousin, Liz so that I can continue to learn and pave the path for me and my family.