I’m Liz. My husband and I live in a small town near a big city, where I spent a number of years before moving home. Our house is old and we love fixing it up to work for our family. My husband is an avid homesteader and we are constantly adding to our vegetable garden and chicken run. The recent addition of a greenhouse opens up a whole new growing season. We love experimenting with preserving, cooking, home remedies, soap and body care, and are contemplating adding some bees to our menagerie (that includes 10 chickens and a giant, lazy dog named Bruno…yes, like in Cinderella).

I work for a small, local family business and consult (in my spare time, hah!) with small businesses to help them efficiently utilize technology. Technology has always been my thing.  I am a self-proclaimed tech geek and am constantly reading (self improvement or fantasy, go figure). Somehow, I find balance between intense learning and escapism (anything too “real” makes my imagination bring it home and that’s just bad for everyone).  My main priority for the next 18-30 odd years is to raise three inquisitive and head strong children who will likely drive me over the brink of sanity before too long.

Before I had kids, I thought I had life pretty well figured out. What I lacked, was depth. Having children changed that. Suddenly, I cared a whole lot more about the world around me, who was in it, and how it was going to treat my children as they grew up. As the early days of overwhelm wore off, the parenting thing wasn’t so bad but the life stuff was getting complicated.  

Employment was essential but I was a control freak about what my kids did while out of my care. I had zero energy and was overweight, so spent years honing a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. After #3, I felt frazzled and out of control and sought ways to ground and center myself. As my kids grow out of infancy, discipline is a major concern. I can SEE, exactly how my inept bumbling shapes their little lives. Finding ways to guide and nurture them while ensuring they don’t become self-absorbed (humans) jerks is a huge priority for me. The ONE thing I strive to remember is this life is a journey and we are never finished learning how to make the best of it.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve managed to create a life that some people would think is crazy. I mean, we home cook almost every meal. Yes, it’s as insane as it sounds.  We almost never watch TV (kids included), clearly we prefer the sound of bored angst and whining over endless repetitions of Caillou. Our friends’ kids live in fear of being fed at our house and being presented with…veggies!  They all think our food is weird, who eats quiche anymore anyway?! I have a giant water filter on my counter, srsly. It might be my most prized possession as of this writing. For us, it works.

As our family navigates this crazy life we’ve created, I’ve realized that none of this can be forced. It’s a slow and steady process of self discovery and growth. No one can do the work for you but it sure helps to have some amazing people showing you the way.