With school in session, meal planning is always a struggle. The time, the planning, the cooking, the shopping…there are just so many moving pieces! Until now…

Real Plans makes this…

as easy as this.

Did you know you that for less than $2 per week you can have your family’s weekly meals and every meal you eat planned for you? Real Plans is amazing AND it has a built in shopping list. The shopping list may be exactly what sold me on my subscription. We cook…a LOT in my house. So we typically have a fair number of staples on hand. However, when I’m at the store, I often grab what I know I need…and then realize I already have it once I get home. Or…scenario #2…I get all jazzed up to cook something (you know, with toddlers clinging to my legs and the girls fighting over a toy) and realize I don’t have a crucial ingredient. Alexa hasn’t yet figured out how to beam lemons into my kitchen, but we’re working on it.  The shopping list lets you tick off the ingredients you already have on hand, AND it combines ingredients (for your planned meals) so you aren’t looking for 1/2 a squash, and 2/3 of a cup of coconut flour. Crazy time saver!!

Added bonus: all the meals meet your personal dietary restrictions, ingredient preferences, and time/financial budget.

Trying out Whole30? Have a gluten allergy going on? Not a fan of venison?! No problem, just update your food preferences and you’re good to go.

Ok so there may be one other feature that totally sold me on using Real Plans. You can import your own recipes!! All of those awesome recipes you’ve been collecting online and meaning to make? Well, now’s your chance. Just drop the URL into the recipe card and it will “Read” the ingredient list, list out the steps and let you approve it before it saves it to your recipe list. Voila! All of your favorite recipes (And a TON of awesome new ones), literally at your fingertips.

Try it, you won’t be sorry. There’s even a free trial!

PS: Want to give a gift that just keeps on giving?! Try their gift subscriptions.

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