We love having guests who love to tell their story and are OK with getting a little vulnerable. This show is about self discovery and willingness to learn, so we would love to hear your take on life, parenthood and how you get through each day.

We are ALL here to learn, so PLEASE challenge us with a fresh perspective, a topic that doesn’t get a lot of headlines or something you feel just NEEDS to be brought to light.

Just be warned, we are not here to disparrage, discriminate, pass judgement or put down anyone. We are all on a different journey and each of us will take a path unique to us and our circumstances. This is challenging but also EXCITING! Think of how the world will change when we are all willing to LISTEN rather than jump to judgement.

Personal growth can hurt a little as we expand our view and examine the things we might not be so proud of in our own lives. Listen with an open heart and do your best to find compassion for the stories we share. We promise, we’ll do the same for you.


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